Induction for 5 week intensive training new students

Attend our induction class to find out your strength and mobility level, and Gymnastic Strength Training introduction™.

The assessment result will help you to learn how well your body move and discover your current limitation that’s blocking you to progress!

This is the first mandatory step for you to do before joining our 5 week intensive bodyweight Gymnastic Strength Training (GST)™ group classes, so you can familiarise yourself with the gymnastic body form and learning the language of GST™. Bring water, and expect a light training.

The cost of the induction is $50, spots are limited up to 2-3 people only for each induction class.

Our group classes are 5 weeks/term.

The cost for the 5 weeks term depends on your level and the number of classes that you are planning to attend.

Level 0 (absolute beginners), 70 min classes
1 class /week = $125 (5 classes/term. $25/class)
2 classes/week = $140 (10 classes/term. $14/class)

Level 1 (beginners – intermediate), 2 hours classes
1 class /week = $250 (5 classes/term. $50/class)
2 classes/week = $275 (10 classes/term. $27.5/class)
3 classes/week = $300 (15 classes/term. $20/class)
*You will need to be able to demonstrate the following before joining level 1 classes:
1 strict pull up, 1 strict dip, and clean kick to handstand on the wall/spotted

Make up classes: we will spare one week extra at the end of the 5th week for make up classes.

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Showing all 1 result